Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day 7 - Cramps suck

I have cramps.  Bad ones.  Took a 800 mg motrin and then 3 hours later took a half vicodin.  And I'm still in pain.  The weird thing is - no blood.  Sorry if that's gross.  But since no one reads this anyways, I guess its okay ; )  I feel like I am full blown on my period except for the bleeding.  Is it possible my uterus is now completely shut?  My periods have been light since having Finn.  Which, after only two years, we figured out was because the scarring in my uterus is really bad.  They have been even lighter since my hysteroscopy - which is how I knew that the surgery did not work. But now nothing?

I have fears about the hysterectomy.  I have very complicated feelings about not having a uterus.  But I really look forward to the possibility of being without this pain.

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