Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Year's Resolutions Update

So how are my 125 resolutions going? Let's review:

1. Blog/journal more. I give myself a B minus. This is only my third post in 2 weeks. And I have started but not finished 2 others. Not bad. Not great. I continue to find it hard to sit down for long enough to write. My little sidekick does not allow it during his waking hours. And he only naps for an hour and half and the list of things to accomplish during that time is long. After he goes to bed for the night, the couch, tivo, words with friends and my own bed are just calling my name.....I just need to be happy with some short and sweet posts. Describe Finn's amazing and cute antics of the day (or vent about the terrible twos) and get back to Grey's Anatomy (watch less TV was not an OFFICIAL resolution so I don't feel bad about this. I have been watching less by the way - I am reading before bed instead of falling asleep to the TV).

2. Spend more quality time with my husband. We have gone on one date and are going on another on Thursday. If I get a babysitter. Shit. We have had two "serious" conversations that went quite well - one about adoption, which relates to another resolution. But we've only done it once in two weeks. I cannot give myself higher than a C+ because of this. But dammit, I pulled a groin muscle a couple of weeks ago and its only recently not killing me. So really I should give myself a B minus.

3. Come to a decision about adopting a baby. I have decided. The husband needs some more time to process. No grade for this one - its too big.

4. Live in the moment. Be present. I give myself an A minus for this one. I have really been making an effort and I think I am doing pretty well.

Those were my main four. An A and a couple of B minuses. Not TOO shabby. Of course if this were this my 9th grade report card, my dad would have had to sit down and talk to me about "working up to my potential" and explain that "B's are okay for some people and only if you really tried your hardest, but...." Since one of my lower grades has to do with lack of "quality" time with the husband (wink, wink), the thought of my dad telling me that its not acceptable is a tad disturbing.

Short and sweet. Now I'm off to watch Grey's.

Oh wait. Cute Finn story of the day? He is starting to sing "Wheels on the Bus" with me. And its just about the cutest thing you ever did hear. And I hate to sound like one of THOSE parents, but he sings pretty well. He's on key and seems to have some rhythm. Oh and he made up his own verse. "The Daddys on the bus go poo poo and pee pee." There's a lot of poo and pee talk lately. I'm just glad its the Daddys doing it on the bus and not the Mamas.

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