Monday, January 30, 2012

A Half Initiation

I am "half" initiated into the throw up club. Only half becauseit did not happen on me, in fact, I didn't even witness the event. Finn threw up in his crib sometime in the night or early morning. And that kind of freaks me out.

I heard him calling me this morning at about 6:40 (so he sort of slept in). And it didn't occur to me until after, but his voice sounded different. Quieter than usual. Most mornings he wakes up and start singing and talking to himself or shouting. He's in there either having a good ol' time or is totally pissed that we haven't immediately rushed in to sweep him out of bed. This morning it was a more subdued Mama, mama. Anyways, I poke my head in and tell him I have to go pee and I'll be right back. Nice. 5 more minutes hanging out in his own puke. But I didn't know! At least I got up right away. Usually I let him talk to himself for a bit while I sleep for 10 more minutes.

So I go in and turn on the light and his crib is covered in last night's dinner (taco casserole - totally gross). And he's telling me he "pooped" and "its messy." Poor guy. It was all over the crib and all over the front of him. I think he did it in his sleep? Is that even possible? And if so, isn't that dangerous?! I find this all very disturbing.

But we got him up and out of his PJ's, gave him a bath and he was good as new. He isn't horribly sick today, but I can tell he doesn't feel well and he's hardly eating - which is not normal for him. And when I went in to get him up after his nap, he told me "its nice and clean in here." Cutie patootie.

** The next day: I am now FULLY intitiated. He puked again during dinner. And we cannot blame the new recipe I tried because he didn't even eat any of it. Poor cutie patootie.... Actually he's feeling better today. Guess it was a 24 hour thing. But now the hubs has it. And let's be honest, that is worse in many ways. "Sick baby" is cute on a baby, not a grown man. He HATES being sick and is just not very good at it. But he's usually a cutie patootie too, so I'll type him a "poor cutie patootie" too. And I assume that at this time tomorrow I will be the one with my head in the toilet : (

** A few days later: What a week. Let's just say that the little man had it the easiest, the big man had it the worst and I had it pretty rough too. The hubs was so sick I could not even believe it. I was sure we would end up in the ER. Poor guy. A few highlights - Finn yelling from his crib "Mama okay? Mama? Mama?" while I am almost passed out, naked on the bathroom floor; the husband breaking the toilet seat and then said broken seat being very hard for me to navigate when it was my turn to spend lots of quality time sitting on it (we have one bathroom); both of us literally MOANING and almost crying in pain (at different times of course - my sickness was about 18 hours behind his). But we survived and are mostly healthy again. It was a god-awful but short flu. And we weathered it together as a family. Awwwwww. Maybe the best moment? When, after caring for Finn all by himself for almost 24 hours, my husband tells me "I don't know how you do this."

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